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PEORIA – People who purchased an electric vehicle in Illinois are now eligible for up to $4,000 in rebates thanks to a law backed by State Senator Dave Koehler through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s second round of funding with the Illinois Electric Vehicle Rebate Program.

“Creating sustainability is crucial in fighting climate change, and it’s our goal to increase accessibility and use of electric vehicles across the board,” said Koehler (D-Peoria). “This program helps give more people a chance to be sustainable by providing affordable and accessible electronic vehicles and motorcycles.”

The Electric Vehicle Rebate Program offers $4,000 rebate for purchase of an all-electric passenger vehicle or $1,500 rebate for purchase of an all-electric motorcycle. An all-electric vehicle must be exclusively powered and refueled by electricity, plugged in to charge, and licensed to drive on public roadways. Illinois residents who purchase an all-electric passenger vehicle within 90 days of this round are eligible to apply for a rebate The first round of rebates saw over 2,000 applications and issued over $8.7 million in rebates. Nov. 1 is the beginning of the second round.

Individuals can complete an application for the second round rebate under Illinois’ EV Rebate Program here. Applications for the second funding round opened Nov. 1, 2022 and must be postmarked on or before Jan. 31, 2023.

Senator Koehler continues to work tirelessly on sustainability. He has sponsored other Electric Vehicle bills, such as Senate Bill 2940, which pushed to include motorcycles in the discussion of electric transportation and incentivize their purchase along with vehicles.

“Everyone has a carbon footprint, so even the smallest change in one’s life can be beneficial to the environment,” Koehler said. “This is a positive step toward ensuring affordability and accessibility.”

IEPA will prioritize the review of applications from low-income purchasers and award rebates to people accordingly. After the application period closes Jan. 31 2023, rebates will be issued to eligible applicants based on funding availability.