Sen. Dave Koehler

PEORIA – Peoria County is set to receive over $1 million in funding for construction projects over the next three years, State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) announced today.

“The Peoria area will see jobs for the next few years and reliable infrastructure long into the future as a result of this funding,” said Koehler. “Good infrastructure is the foundation we build the future on.”

The funds are being distributed as part of the 2019 Rebuild Illinois construction plan and will be distributed in six installments over the three-year period. Road and bridge improvements, new sidewalks and bike paths, or upgraded traffic signals are just a few of the changes that the Peoria area may see as a result of this funding.

Projects will be decided upon and managed at a local level, and will be overseen by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“Many of our local communities are struggling to meet the rising costs of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Koehler said. “With this additional money from the state, Peoria County will be better equipped to help communities who have been blindsided by this global crisis.”

The funding is the second of three grant cycles in the Rebuild Illinois plan.