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CHICAGO – State Senators Dave Koehler and Mattie Hunter are highlighting the Illinois Works Bid Credit Program, a key component of the state's comprehensive strategy to enhance equity and access in capital construction employment through the Illinois Works Jobs Program.

“Illinois’ greatest asset is its people, and through the Bid Credit Program, the State of Illinois is providing incentives to contractors who hire within our world-class workforce,” said Koehler (D-Peoria). “The Illinois Works Jobs Program is essential to promoting diversity and increasing opportunity for Illinoisans throughout the state.”

The Illinois Works Bid Credit Program caters to contractors engaged in or seeking involvement in State of Illinois-funded capital projects. It offers eligible contractors the chance to earn bid credits by hiring and retaining graduates of the Illinois Works Pre-apprenticeship Program. These programs collectively seek to cultivate a pipeline of skilled and diverse candidates to fill new job opportunities created by the $45 billion Rebuild Illinois capital plan.

Contractors can accumulate bid credits for each ILW Pre-apprenticeship Program graduate hired and retained, for up to six years, bolstering their competitiveness in future bids for state capital projects. The program also allows contractors to combine bid credits with others to strengthen their bids.

“I am thrilled to see the continued support and expansion of the Illinois Works Jobs Program,” said Hunter (D-Chicago). “The Bid Credit Program will provide countless opportunities for ILW Pre-apprenticeship graduates and contractors across the state.”

Enrollment in this program provides contractors access to skilled and certified graduates of the ILW Pre-apprenticeship Program. Graduates not only qualify contractors for bid credits but also aid in maintaining compliance with state apprenticeship requirements.

The Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program, initiated in 2021, aims to diversify and broaden access to apprenticeship programs, facilitating entry into the construction trades and fostering lifelong careers.

For application information and to apply for the Bid Credit Program, visit the DCEO website.