Koehler park


PEORIA – State Senator Dave Koehler announced Friday that $855,000 for renovations and improvements were secured for the Pleasure Driveway Park District of Peoria.

“Investments in our parks help improve the well-being of our community,” said Koehler (D – Peoria). “Improving our local green spaces allows children and families to enjoy the outdoors, and provides more recreational opportunities for residents.”

Nearly $60 million in grants were awarded to 118 park districts across the state through the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development grants, administered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This is the largest amount of funding since the program began 36 years ago.

The Pleasure Driveway Park District of Peoria will receive $855,000 from these grants. The funding allows the park district to renovate spaces, expand sidewalks, develop new facilities and more.

Visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website for more information on the OSLAD grants.